How does it work?

At TRS we appreciate that for many of our clients; the sale of their used vehicles is simply another task in an already busy day. We therefore make the job as easy as possible. Initially, we will ask you a few questions such as mileage, general condition and registration date of the vehicle. Based upon this information we will then make you a firm offer to purchase. Upon your acceptance of our offer, we will arrange for one of our dealers to complete the purchase at a time and place convenient to you i.e. your premises or the driver’s home.

Please note, our dealer will come to you with the intention of paying the agreed price. Unlike some car buyers offering to "buy any car", you do not have to bring the car to us, and we do not employ “negotiators” with little or no trade experience who have simply been given a crash course in how NOT to give you the price you were expecting to receive for your vehicle.

Are there any hidden charges?

No. The price we quote is the price we aim to pay. There are no “administration” charges or charges for bank transfers or cheques.

How is the deal completed?

Upon satisfactory inspection of your vehicle, Full payment of cleared funds is made direct to your bank account. This usually takes a matter of minutes. We can also clear any finance interest at the same time. YOUR CAR GOES NOWHERE UNTIL YOU ARE SATISFIED YOU HAVE RECEIVED FULL PAYMENT.

Should you require a NO OBLIGATION valuation on any vehicle that you are contemplating selling or simply have any questions about our service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You will always find us professional and eager to adapt to your particular requirements.